Real Foods.  Small Batch.  Made in Texas.

Nutrient rich and intensely satisfying.  Wella Bar is the perfect boost when you need it.

Created to deliver the goods on what today's health conscious consumers are seeking - Rich and nutrient-dense foods, organic and non-GMO ingredients, locally produced with minimal processing and less packaging.   Each Wella Bar packs the nutritional punch you need,  just when you need it most.  Great as boost in your morning smoothie, perfect for pre and post workouts,  satisfying as a afternoon snack.  High in protein and potassium, naturally sweetened with wildflower honey - powered by nature for lasting energy. 


Small batch, home-style cookie doughs.  Mixing it up fresh since 1992 with a recipe and dough format to fit every need.  Everything from standard classics to the divine and outrageous - You dream it, we can make it!  From dessert size monster cookies to edible cookie doughs - we've got what you're looking for.